z- Alive Inside "Memory Player" All-in-One Kit (x100)

$ 3,000.00


- 100 pairs of Alive Inside "Memory Player" Headphones!

  • "All-In-One" MP3 / WAV Music Player/rechargeable  Headphone- provides high quality, SD card listening experience, with no wires or batteries to replace. Recharge by plugging into a computer.  With "Double Listening" feature, so two people can listen at the same time.
    A simple solution to getting your loved one their "Alive Inside" music!

100-charging cables

100-headphone cables

100-microSD Cards  (Now, you can add your elder's personalized music)

-Download links for The Alive Inside App  (Now, you can find your elder's Life Soundtrack!)

-all Instructions and links to instructions

- Shipping Included

-2 Alive Inside Memorez licenses

- Download link for 'Mini-Guide to the Empathy Revolution'


See this 81-year-old dancer's "Memory Player" user video!

NOTE: Teachers, Religious groups, Community groups and Students-  Alive Inside "Memory Player" Headphones are great additions to our Educational Engagement for the film-  These "Memory Players" are the perfect gift for your student's relatives, or for elders living at home!


 The AIF Coalition of the Caring is working to inspire 1 million kids to give 1 million "Memory Players" to elders living at home with Alzheimer's Disease.  If your elder is in need please contact- info@aliveinside.org