Alive Inside "Memory Player" All-in-One Kit - Maria Shriver Sale!

$ 32.99

This sale celebrates Maria Shriver honoring Michael Rossato-Bennett as an "Architect of Change!!!"  


- One pair of Alive Inside "Memory Player" Headphones!

  • "All-In-One" MP3 / WAV Music Player
    This rechargeable headphone- provides high quality, SD card listening experience, with no wires or batteries to replace. Recharge by plugging into a computer or phone charger.  A simple solution to getting your loved one their "Alive Inside" music!
  • These headphones are the only All-in-One headphones that elder and youth can listen to at the same time!!!!  Just plug a second player into the headset!!!

-charging cable

-headphone cable

-microSD Card  (Now, you can add your elder's personalized music)

-Download link for The Alive Inside App  (And find your elder's Life-Soundtrack!)

-all Instructions and links to instructions

Here's what happens-

See this 81-year-old dancer's "Memory Player" user video!


NOTE: Teachers, Religious groups, Community groups and Students-  Alive Inside "Memory Player" Headphones are great additions to our Educational Engagement for the film Alive Inside-  These "Memory Players" are the perfect gift for your student's relatives, or for elders living at home!

We support The Alive Inside Foundation. AIF gives free headphone to elders in need and their Coalition of the Caring is working to inspire 1 million kids to give "Memory Players" to elders living at home with Alzheimer's Disease.  
If your elder is in need please contact-